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In the spirit of the new years, Big News Daily and Shop is undergoing a bit of a change. Instead of bringing you news about different topics, this site will be used primarily as an outlet to track my progress as a developer. For the most part I will be writing blogs about specific tools I am exposed to or discussing my experiences as I enter into a software engineering discipline. The hope is that this will help me grow as developer and that I can actually measure my growth based on my previous understanding of tools and topics. I also hope it can give some insight or direction to other developers.

If you haven’t been following BNDShop for long then I would like to introduce myself, I am Brandon Duvall. I am the founder and creator of BNDShop. I am also an entry level Android developer at StockX in Detroit Michigan. The idea of creating blogs was born when I secured this position. The reason for this being because I would like to help other engineers grow as well or at least give some direction to Android developers beginning their career. Also, I feel it will help as a way to solidify the things I am learning. I am a firm believer that being able to explain things is crucial to understanding them. Anything mentioned in the blog will have resources to read more about topics I mention. Please tune in every few weeks and expect new content. Hopefully I will get into a groove where I can bring you even more content regularly. Thank you for reading, be well.