Violent Gamers? No way!!

      Mar 30th, 2018 Nathaniel Duvall

In recent years, much controversy has been given to the idea of priming in our media content. This controversy reinforcing the idea that, violent video games influence violent behavior in viewers. The University of York in the UK, analyzed both the previous results from these media priming studies and participants response to facilitated media. The study found that there wasn’t enough data to support the supposed link between exposure to realistic violence in games and the viewer’s behavior. Interestingly the study only focused on adults, this may have skewed the results. The group intends to do more research into the effect on children. Although, to compare another mass media theory called, Cultivation Theory by George Gerbner. Violent media seems to create this “mean world” effect; where heavy viewership, correlates with a negative world view. The theory originally focused on television but many scholars have applied it to many different forms of mediated content.  

David Zendle, Daniel Kudenko, Paul Cairns. Behavioural realism and the activation of aggressive concepts in violent video games. Entertainment Computing, 2018.

Quantic Dream Studios: Most Recent Endeavor.

Jan 14th, 2018 Nathaniel Duvall

  Detroit: Become Human, this game looks promising so far with interactive cinematic gameplay harkening back to the days of ye old dragon quest. With a beefed up and improved version of the engine used for Heavy Rain, Quantic Dream a studio based in Paris, is determined to show you what it’s got this time around. We see the classic quick-time events that had everyone on the edge and ready to break into action at any moment. We see Quantic Dream put its NPC’s to true use compared to its previous release in the trailer from E3 2016 , giving us a in-depth investigative system when looking for clues to a problem or figuring out your next course of action. The player has the ability to construct or reconstruct a simulation of dozens of choices or scenarios you may find in the game. The main characters of our game so far are three androids, Kara, Marcus and Connor we follow them as they are gaining sentience in a dystopian world during a time of technological prosperity. In this world, androids do most everything. The games story takes a turn, setting itself in a neo-noir environment and we see that even in this “amazing” future our society still has its issues. With the depiction of a family falling apart in its most controversial trailer release, eventually escalating to a point where the main character Kara, must choose to disobey and help to save a little girl or follow orders and be obedient. This scene depicted what some have called, “A scene too graphic and serious for video games.” To properly convey the meaning, without undermining the true weight of the situation, I’ll let you decide what to think and will link the videos to the trailer released during Paris Games Week 2017.

David Cage. Kara Trailer: Paris Games Week 2017. Playstation in partnership with Quantic Dream. 2017

David Cage. Marcus Trailer: E3 2017. Playstation in partnership with Quantic Dream. 2017

David Cage. Connor Trailer: E3 2016. Playstation in partnership with Quantic Dream. 2017

David Cage. Revisits Pax East 2012 Kara Tech Demo. Playstation in partnership with Quantic Dream. 2017

Virtual Reality Exos of Tomorrow

Jan 7th, 2018 Nathaniel Duvall

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Credit: Morgan Sinko

 Hardlight VR Exo is a wonderful and well designed Virtual Reality system that provides more lenient restrictions on its player's movement. Hardlight VR accomplishes this by giving the user a cordless approach and the ability to incorporate physical responses from a virtual environment. The Hardlight features a sensor equipped vest, geared for haptic feedback, this aids in player immersion.

An interesting piece of technology, though you still have to be careful when playing, with lenient movement restrictions comes the higher chance of injuring oneself due to surroundings. All VR systems and headsets should be played in a pre configured environment.