Brandon Duvall

Brandon Duvall

My name is Brandon Duvall, I am a student at Eastern Michigan University studying Computer Science with dual Minors in Human Biology and Communication. I am also Creator, Head Developer, and Chief Content Editor here at Big News Daily and Shop. In my personal endeavors, I have been pursuing communicative applications via Computer Vision, my hope is to create an application that uses pupillary tracking and blink detection to help nonverbal patients communicate with caregivers and loved ones. Here at the site, I hope to be the admin of your dreams, providing great content. While also providing a great ECommerce experience from the shop side of our site. If you would like to see more projects and information visit this → EMU Server Space.

Ryun Lacek

"While I’m at EMU pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics a good percentage of my day, I still manage to find some time to write articles and play a few games here and there. Netflix marathons sometimes sneak in there too, from time to time, but homework reels me back in to reality and helps me to remember my other love: programming! Nonetheless, I’m thrilled to take on this new venture with BNDShop and I look forward to its future expansions.

Nathaniel Duvall

Hi my name is Nathaniel Ray Duvall, I’m a content editor and the head of customer service here at BNDShop. I hope to be satisfactory in my assistance and use the experiences gained from helping you, to improve my everyday professional interactions. I have a hope to use my knowledge of gaming, gaming technologies, and personal gaming experiences to actively give coverage of projects related to gaming. My largest goal is to use the knowledge gained to one day delve deep within the world of gaming development, using the feedback and opinions of my readers to create some of the most community driven gaming the world has seen.